City Council Unapproved Minutes

April 10th, 2017

Unapproved Minutes

Meade, Kansas

April 10th, 2017


City of Meade 

The council meeting was called to order in the council meeting room at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Richard Knott.  Council members present were Lance DeLissa, Roger Musgrove, Armando Gonzalez and Elaine Post with JD Hegwood absent. Also present were City Administrator Dean Cordes and City Clerk Tiffany Neel. Visitors were Bart Fischer and Bobbi Allison. 

Bart Fischer asked to speak to the council about Ordinance 859 referring to disturbing the peace. He would like to have a live band play outside on his parking lot on June 3rd, 2017, and asked if the council would grant him a variance for that day. Gonzalez made a motion to give him one variance and see how it turns out, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor.

The Appropriation Ordinance in the amount of $215,516.58 was approved on motion made by Musgrove, seconded by Gonzalez with all in favor. 

The March 27, 2017 minutes were approve as written. 

Building permit #17009, 17010 and 17013 were approved on motion made by DeLissa, seconded by Post with all in favor.  Permit #17011 was approved as amended to a 42 fence in the front yard and permit #17012 was approved subject to the 30% lot coverage, motion made by DeLissa, seconded by Post with all in favor. 

Cordes gave the council 3 different options for financing the purchase of the new street and alley broom. Post made a motion to accept option 1 with Meade State Banks financing at 2.44%. There will be a down payment of $100,000 and 2 payments after that of $49,504 per year for 2 years. Half will be paid out the equipment fund and the other half will come out of the general fund. DeLissa seconded with all in favor. 

Post handed out pictures of the 7 pieces of equipment for the walking trail. She will call and get an updated cost for the equipment and shipping. DeLissa made a motion to approve up to $9,700 for the equipment, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. 

Cordes talked to Joe Herz about the power contract extension and Herz recommended the city sign an amended contract to include 3 more years at a lower cost. Cordes will have the amendment at the next meeting. 

Cordes said we will be running our engines 24 hours a day until Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Southern Pioneer is doing work on their substation. 

The city wide cleanup will be the first week of May. Citizens must have their trash out in the alley and separated by April 30th.

Cordes said he has been working with FEMA for the ice storm recovery. 

Neel asked the council if they would approve the proclamation for child abuse awareness month.  Post made a motion to approve the proclamation, seconded by DeLissa with all in favor. 

Mayor said he has had a citizen ask if the city could put up a few street lights by the high school on the north side of Walnut Street. The grass parking lot is very dark when the high school has programs and events and it is hard to see people walking in that area.  Cordes said they can look at options to put up lights. 

Musgrove said he would like to see the police write up all the junked cars that are parked in yards and on city streets.  He said there is also a trucks and tanker trucks parking on the side streets on West Belle Meade. He is worried it will eventually tear up the road.   

With no further business to come before the council, Musgrove made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Gonzalez with all in favor.



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