City Council Unapproved Minutes

June 12 2017

Unapproved Minutes


Meade, Kansas

June 12th, 2017 

City of Meade


The council meeting was called to order in the council meeting room at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Richard Knott. Council members present were Elaine Post, Lance DeLissa, Armando Gonzalez and Roger Musgrove with JD Hegwood absent. Also present were City Administrator Dean Cordes, City Clerk Tiffany Neel and City Attorney Clay Kuhns. Visitors were Nanc Burns, William Bazer, Brad Ackerman and Marla Garner. 

First on the agenda Brad Ackerman asked the city to donate to the firework display this year. Musgrove made a motion to donate $1,000 for the firework display, seconded by Post with all in favor.  Ackerman asked Cordes if the city is still storing the Lakeway signs that he took off the building. He asked if the city is still going to sell them and donate the money to the park. Post said the museum might like them as well. 

Nanc Burns was present to talk about the progress on the Sunset Motel.  Cordes said that he inspected the outside of the building last week and Burns has not completed the roof repairs. Burns said she was under the impression that only the south side of the roof on the office and the motel had to be done.  She said she did more than was asked of her. She put up a door, took down the planter box and fixed a window in the basement. Cordes said about 40% of the roof repairs have been done. Burns said the crew that worked on the roof wonít be back until September. She was planning on having them finish the roof at that time. Post said we have 2 choices. We can give her more time since she is not in compliance or we can condemn it and tear it down since it is not finished. Gonzalez told Burns that when she is in a position where you have to comply you are not obliged to say what you want to fix. You fix what the city says needs done. Burns said she needs more time for the crew to come back and finish in September. Mayor asked Cordes to inspect the inside of the rooms again and bring the results back to the council meeting on June 26th

The Appropriation Ordinance in the amount of $208,552.82 was approved on motion made by Musgrove, seconded by DeLissa with all in favor. 

The May 22nd, 2017 minutes were approved as written. 

Building permits #17018, #17019, #17020 and #17021 were approved on motion made by DeLissa, seconded by Post with all in favor. 

Cordes said he spoke with Wynelle Ediger about the sewer line on Green Street and she wants the city to put the main in. Her cost will be $8,100. Cordes said he contacted the engineer to get the process started. 

Cordes has completed the information for FEMA on the debris clean up and the city will be reimbursed $34,922.00. 

Cordes said he has talked to the council before about getting a grapple for the front-end loader. Kevin Larrabee talked to a dealer in Bucklin and they suggested getting a grapple for our John Deere Tractor. Post made a motion to buy a grapple for the John Deere Tractor for $3,775 installed, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. 

Cordes asked to give Larrabee his 15 month raise. Musgrove made a motion to give Kevin Larrabee his 15 month raise, seconded by Gonzalez with all in favor. 

Cordes told the council that the city crew would like to have a portable welder. Larrabee found one from Northern Tool for $1,700 and we have a trailer that we can attach the welder to.  Musgrove made a motion to purchase the welder for $1,700, seconded by DeLissa with all in favor. 

Cordes said the exercise equipment is put together. He needs to get with Post to find out where to install the equipment. The council discussed pouring concrete pads to put the equipment on so it would be easier to maintain. 

Cordes asked if the council would like to consider making an ordinance for people spending the night at the city park. We have someone living in a van at the park and they have been told to leave by the police department last month. The council discussed options and asked the city attorney to write something up for them to review at the next meeting. 

Cordes said he received a bid for the cooling tower for a steel structure in the amount of $115,000 and that doesnít include labor. They discussed other options and told Cordes to have the local contractors look into building a wood structure or trek structure.

The council discussed the options for allowing propane in the city limits. They asked the attorney to write something along the lines of 5 pound tanks for bbqís, 30 gallon tanks for RVís and exempt portable food vendors for a short period of time. 

Neel said she talked to Stephen Cottrell about selling his building on E Carthage. The attorney drew up a contract for the councilís review. Neel will get the contract signed for the next meeting. 

Neel asked the council to put $250,000 into a CD to keep the city from going over their pledged amount in the Fowler State Bank. Post made a motion to put a $250,000 CD into Meade State Bank for 1 year at 1.27%, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. 

DeLissa made a motion to approve 2 fireworks stands in Meade, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor.

Post said she was really happy to see the Library has painted he lower section of their building to match the City Building. She said she also talked to Kim Stevens about the city entrance signs. Cordes will get with Stevens to discuss the designs. 

Musgrove asked if Cordes has sent a letter out to Ron Cordes about his building that is falling down. Cordes said he did not send a letter but talked to Ronís son-in-law about the demolition. Musgrove said Steve Norsworthy was concerned about the bid process for the Alley building that was opened at the last meeting. Musgrove would like Cordes to contact Norsworthy. 

Gonzalez said he has had quite a few people ask him why he is not running for council again. He said he has enjoyed being a council member but he was involved with JH basketball before he was on the council and would like to continue JH basketball in the coming years. 

Kuhns asked the council if they would be willing to help the Golf Course by donating some money to help repair the mower they have. The repairs will cost about $4,850. Gonzalez made a motion to donate $2,000 to the Golf Course for mower repairs, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. 

Marla Garner asked the council if she could discuss the condemnation process.  Cordes explained the process and Kuhns gave her the ordinance number to look up online. She asked if there is someone interested in Nanc Burns property and if that is the reason the council is condemning her motel. The council explained that there is no one interested in the property but if the council doesnít make her take care of the property then it will eventually fall into ruin like so many other properties in town. Other properties have been neglected for so long that they can no longer be repaired or saved. 

Post asked to go into executive session for 7 minutes for consultation with our attorney on a matter protected by the attorney/client privileges to protect the attorney/client privilege and the Boardsí position on the matter to be discussed, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. The open meeting will resume at 8:54 in this room. After executive session, no action was taken.

With no further business to come before the council, DeLissa made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Gonzalez with all in favor. 


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