City Council Unapproved Minutes

October 23rd, 2017

Unapproved Minutes


Meade, Kansas

October 23rd, 2017


City of Meade

 The council meeting was called to order in the council meeting room at 7:00 P.M. by Mayor Richard Knott. Council members present were Lance DeLissa, Elaine Post, Roger Musgrove, JD Hegwood and Armando Gonzalez. Also present were City Administrator Dean Cordes, City Clerk Tiffany Neel and City Attorney Clay Kuhns.  Visitors were Andy Lundblade, Markie Adcock, Justin Forrest, Michael Inlow, Rhonda Johnson, Tamara Schell, Sharon Welch, Trisha Prouse, Ruth Miller, Bart Fischer, Ryan Neely, Jason Aldridge, Mike Gillen, Loren Borger, Joel Watson and Beatrice Rodriquez.

 First on the agenda, 15 utility extensions were given.

 Police Chief Inlow asked the council if they had any questions on the police report. Inlow asked if Randi Vanderpool could attend a court software meeting on November 9th, 2017. Council agreed. Inlow asked if he could hire Dylan Wondra as a new police officer. He would have to complete the academy but that course won’t take place until Feb 2018. Musgrove made a motion to hire Wondra starting October 30, 2017 at $14.00 per hour, seconded by Hegwood with all in favor.  Inlow asked for an executive session. DeLissa made a motion to go into executive session for 5 minutes for personnel matters of nonelected personnel to protect the privacy interests of the persons to be discussed with Inlow included, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. The open meeting will resume at 7:19 in this room. After executive session no action was taken.

 Loren Borger asked the council if they would write a recognition letter to Charles Welker for receiving his Eagle scout badge.

 Bart Fischer asked what the policy is for delinquent accounts. Mayor said a few years ago we discussed only giving them 3 extensions a year. Fischer said he sees the same people come in every month. DeLissa said they know that they have to pay a hefty penalty for being late. 

The October 9th, 2017 minutes were approved as presented. 

Building permit #17036 and #17037 were approved on motion made by DeLissa, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. 

Cordes said Kroth has not ran a transit for the alley behind Brian Headrick’s office yet. They think we may be able to run a gutter to the street or we could possibly drain the water to the east alley. He will have more information at the next meeting. 

Brian Kroth and Gary Knott both looked at the Alley Building by the power plant and suggested dismantling the east wall, pour footers with a 2x6 stud wall. We need to re-tuck a few mortar joints and replace the roof with a tin roof. There are other things that need fixed on the building as well. Cordes will get a list of repairs and get bids. 

Cordes was approached by Shelly Axtell about selling the 25 feet of property that the city owns between her building and Chad Rudzik’s building. Post asked if there was enough space to put a new building on the lot. Cordes said no, they have to have 50 feet to build a new building. Axtell would like to possibly expand her property in the future. Cordes will get prices for the property and talk to the council at the next meeting. 

Cordes said we really need to think about updating the power lines from the power plant to Madison Street. They are copper and very frail. He talked about the previous bids that he received a few months ago. DeLissa made a motion to have Cordes, at his judgement, schedule Custom Energy Services to do the work, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor.

 Cordes said the city now owns the Cottrell building. He has concerns about tearing it down because the neighbor to the east has a dirt basement. The council discussed leaving 6 feet of the current foundation when the building is torn down. Cordes will get bids.

Cordes opened 5 bids to update the city clerk’s office. Gonzalez made a motion to accept B&D Painting’s bid in the amount of $3,450.40, seconded by Post with all in favor.

 Neel asked the council if they would like to donate to the Meade After Prom. Musgrove made a motion to donate $200 in chamber bucks to the Meade After Prom, seconded by DeLissa with 4 in favor, Post abstained.  

Neel said Officer Ritter approached her about the Sheriff’s office purchasing his used police vest. Post made a motion to have the Sheriff’s office purchase Ritter’s vest for $280, seconded by Gonzalez with all in favor. 

Neel asked to transfer $15,000 from the general fund to the HRA account. DeLissa made a motion to transfer $15,000 from the general fund to the HRA account, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. 

DeLissa said he talked to Boyd Orr about the abandoned or empty commercial buildings downtown only paying a residential property tax rate if there is not a business in the store front. Orr suggested having the city write a letter to the State about our concerns. He asked that we also call the League of Ks Municipalities. They will also help lobby for the city.

 Gonzalez said the basketball season has started and he will be gone for some of the city council meetings. He will get the dates to Neel.

Kuhns asked the council if they would consider using some of the sidewalk incentive fund to help replace a few golf cart pads at the Golf Course. Post said no way, that money is to be used for sidewalks. No more discussion was had. 

Neel discussed changes that need to be made to the city handbook and police policy. The council asked to have them typed up and brought back to the next meeting.

 DeLissa asked to go into executive session for 5 minutes for land acquisition to protect the public interest in obtaining the property at a fair price with Neel and Cordes included, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. The open meeting will resume at 9:19 in this room. After executive session no action was taken. 

With no further action to come before the council, Musgrove made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Post with all in favor.


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