City Council Unapproved Minutes

May 8th 2017

Unapproved Minutes

Meade, Kansas

May 9, 2016


City of Meade


The council meeting was called to order in the council meeting room by Mayor Richard Knott at 7:00 P.M.  Council members present were Randi Vanderpool, Lance DeLissa, Elaine Post, Jim Ediger and Roger Musgrove. Also present were City Administrator Dean Cordes and City Clerk Tiffany Neel. Visitors were Lance Kane, Logan Kane, Dale Schell, Taylor Finke, Brad Ackerman and Jim Woodruff.

 First on the agenda Dale Schell asked if the council would make a donation to the Ranch Rodeo.  Musgrove made a motion to donate $250, seconded by Vanderpool with all in favor. 

Brad Ackerman asked if the council would consider donating to the Meade Chamber Fireworks display this year.  Musgrove made a motion to donate $1,000.00, seconded by DeLissa with all in favor. 

Taylor Finke asked the council if they would sell the empty lots between Meade County Title and the Clock Shop.  Cordes will find out the footage between the lots and contact one other individual who is also interested in a portion of the lots. We will discuss at the next meeting. 

Post had a few questions on the police report. She asked why there were so many public relations and vehicle fuel numbers added into the report. She also asked if we get reimbursed for Galla going out of town to be used for other departments.  The Mayor said we will need to talk to the Chief when he is at the next meeting. 

The Appropriation Ordinance in the amount of $294,655.65 was approved on motion made by Musgrove, seconded by Ediger with all in favor. 

The April 25th, 2016 minutes were approved as written. 

Ediger made a motion to approve building permit #16016, #16017 & #16018, seconded by DeLissa with all in favor. 

Cordes said he received 3 bids to replace the carpet in the office hallway.  Post asked Cordes to get a bid from Scantlands in Liberal.  Neel said she and Cordes had talked about having the hallway painted before the carpet is installed.  Council asked Cordes to get bids for painting as well. 

Cordes handed out changes that will need to be made to the zoning ordinance to comply with billboard signs.  The council discussed handling the billboard signs with a conditional use permit.  The hearing for the zoning change will be held on May 23rd, 2016 at 6:00 P.M. 

 Cordes addressed the house number situation at Wheatland Estates.  The apartment numbers do not match the current 911 address in the system. The county currently has them labeled as 500 E Rainbelt. The council decided to leave the addresses the same as the county.  

Cordes received 3 bids to repaint the water tower. The lowest bid was from Superior in the amount of $77,012.  The council asked Cordes to find out what kind of paint each company is using before they made a decision.

 Cordes received 3 bids for a vacuum truck. Post made a motion to purchase the vacuum truck from Ditch Witch in the amount of $56,500, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor. 

Mayor asked the council to make the current appointments.  Post made a motion to accept the current appointments with vacancies to be filled, seconded by Musgrove with all in favor.



Appointments for 2016

City Clerk                                            Tiffany Neel

City Attorney                                     Clay Kuhns

Municipal Judge                                Keith Whitney

Public Officer                                     Dean Cordes

Health Officer                                                Dr. Seeley Feldmeyer

City Treasurer                                                Vera Robertson

Police Chief                                        Michael Inlow

Official Bank Depositors                   Plains State Bank

                                                            Fowler State Bank

Official Newspaper                            Meade County News

Fire Chief                                            George Martin

Animal Control Officer                      Jeff Mather

Planning Commission                       

(4 Year terms)                                     Kim Geddes                             5/18

                                                            JoAnn Tacha                            5/19

                                                            Marc Berghaus                       5/19

                                                            Craig Stratton                         5/17

                                                            Sandy Borger                          5/17

                                                            George Lucas                          5/18

                                                            Roger Musgrove                     5/16


Board of Zoning Appeals

                                                            Dale Rosenberry                     5/16

                                                            Bob Mabery                            5/16

                                                            Carl McCammond                  5/18

                                                            Mitch Little                             5/18

                                                            Roger Musgrove                     5/17


Housing Authority                            

Dean Cordes                           5/16

                                                            Terry Cordes                           5/16

                                                            Becky Berryman                     5/16

                                                            Darrin Golliher                                    5/16

                                                            Vicki Fisher                              5/16


Recreation Commission

                                                            Josh Neel (city)                        2016

                                                            Darrin Golliher (city)              2018


Library Board

                                                            Jatiece Vieux                           2019

                                                            Debra Carpenter                     2018

                                                            Tawney Stapleton                   2017

                                                            Crys Ackerman                        2019

                                                            Doug Scribner                         2018

                                                            Liberty Valance                       2016

                                                            Craig Stratton                         2017

Vanderpool said she heard there were construction workers in town that were going to be doing work at the airport and she wasnít aware of any work being done.  Cordes said he wasnít either. At this time, we donít have anyone scheduled to do any work at the airport.

 Lance Kane asked if he could talk about his building.  He said he had major water leaks from the last rain.  The water is running south from the alley right into his back door. He said Cordes has tried everything he could at this point to try to prevent the water from running to the back of Kaneís building.  The council discussed other options. Cordes will have Rodney Blehm get elevation levels and possibly build a berm to divert water down the alley.

 Musgrove asked to go into executive session for 15 minutes for personnel matters of non-elected personnel with Cordes and Neel present, seconded by DeLissa with all in favor.  After executive session Musgrove made the same motion to go back into executive session for 5 more minutes, seconded by DeLissa with all in favor.  After executive session Vanderpool made a motion to give Doug Ritter his 3 month raise, seconded by Post with all in favor.  

With no further business to come before the council Vanderpool made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Ediger with all in favor. 


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